Why SteelCore

SCT supplies engineered submittal, sitespecific foundation designs, on site installations by factory certified and licensed installation teams, and turnkeys services. Unique design options are available.

Tanks up to 2.9 million gallons

SCT tank models can be built up to 2.9 million gallons. Starting at 6’D & up to 192’D.With both 10° and 30° standard G140 Hot Dip Galvanized roof designs, Aluminum Geodesic Dome Roofs and floating covers available.

NSF-61 Drinking Water Standards

NSF-61 certified liners and coatings are used to safely store potable water in SteelCore® Corrugated Bolted Steel Tanks. Liners also provide a barrier to keep water from constant contact with the steel walls. Offering a second layer of protection

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    Cost Savings

    SCT tanks are designed to the same structural standards as Factory Coated Bolted SteelTanks. The materials are more cost effective and labor and equipment to build is significantly less.

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    Coatings & Liners

    Layers of protection: Steel: GllS & G140 Zinc Hot Dip Galv coatings. Optional: Factory Powder Coating. Liner: Up to 60 mil Flexible membrane liner barrier to elongate lifespan of the steel structure.

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    Structural Engineerin

    SteelCore® Corrugated Bolted Steel Tanks are engineered sitespecific, for each application and location. Designed to ASCE standards for winds up to 185 MPH, Snow loads up to 75PSF and High Seismic Conditions.

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    Long Warranties

    SCT supplies up to 20 year warranties on all SteelCore® Corrugated Bolted Steel tanks installed by manufacture certified tank erection teams. Based on application and location.

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