The SteelCore Tank Story

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The SteelCore Tank story is one that reflects the ultimate entrepreneurial spirit in the creation of a brand that has and will continue to change the way water is stored for everything from drinking water to irrigation to fire protection. SteelCore Tank is now considered to be one of the top corrugated bolted steel tank manufacturers in the world, which is quite an amazing accomplishment considering they began operations in the early part of 2016.

SteelCore was built from the ground up by a handful of professionals that collectively had over 50 years of collective experience in the steel bolted water storage tank industry; their experience with storage tanks both good and bad became the blueprint for the finest bolted steel tanks in the world. A corrugated bolted steel tank from SteelCore has become the standard that other tank manufacturers compare themselves to with improvements made in the quality of raw materials, appurtenances, liners, and ease of tank assembly.

SteelCore recently announced the expansion of its production capacity due to an unprecedented demand worldwide for the SteelCore brand which has become synonymous with quality workmanship and attention to every detail. As one of the premier providers of fire protection tanks in the United States, we have been working day and night to provide our neighbors and friends many of which are in Northern California with the water storage tanks they need to protect life and property in the middle of wildfire season that seems to be getting worse and longer each year.

The SteelCore Tank Story

A Few features of our Steel Bolted Water Storage Tank Solutions:

  • The industry standard is G90 Galvanized Steel, we use is G115 Galvanized Steel as our standard, which on average has a 27% higher Zinc content for added protection and longevity, and can easily provide G140 Galvanized Steel for high salt or caustic environments. Galvanized Steel Life Expectancy.
  • Our liners come in thickness between 20 to 45 Mil and also XR-3 and XR-5 which are perfect for most water storage applications. We provide NSF61 certified for potable water uses, non-certified options for irrigation or raw water use and EPA-approved liners for wastewater uses.
  • The steel structure of our tanks can be engineered to ZONE 4 SEISMIC and wind speed of 165 MPH, with a Snow Load of 5Olbs per square foot.
  • Tanks can come in a variety of colors using our custom powder coating process to match any color on the Pantone scale.
Tank FeaturesCarbon Welded Steel TanksFactory Coated Bolted Steel TanksCorrugated Galvanized Bolted Steel Tanks
1000's of tank installations in the market
SteelCore Tank Manufacturing Primary Product Line
Designed to IBC and ASCE7 Structural codes for water storage
Site Specific Structural Calculations - Wet Stamped
Detailed Submittal Drawings - including As Built Drawings
Seismic Anchoring Designs
High Wind Design
Exterior Color Available
Uses Field Applied Interior & Exterior Coatings
Uses Thermoset Interior & Exterior Powder Coatings
Uses Zinc Galvanized Steel - G115 & G140
Uses Mastic Sealants to seal panels to achieve water tight structure
Uses 30 mil - 60 mil Flexible Membrane Liners as Water Sealant
Water has direct constant contact with flexible membrane liner
Water has direct constant contact with tank coating
ASTM Bolts
Flanges - ANSI 150 #
Flange - Wall Penetrations
Flange - Floor Penetrations
Includes OSHA approved ladders, cages, apputenance
Deck Manways - Lockable
Side Shell Manways - 24" & 36"
Roof Vent - 24" - 42"
Liquid Level Gauge Board & Target
Catwalks & Other Specialty Systems
Suction Flanges with Anti Vortex Plate - NFPA22
Partial & Full Guardrails Available
Capacities up to 2.9 Million Gallons
NFPA 22 Equivalent - Fire Protection
Potable Water Storage - NSF61 Certified Coatings Liners
Waste Water Storage
Insulation Systems Interior
Insulation Systems- Exterior