Temporary Storage Tanks

Exclusive Pricing For Temporary Storage Tanks

Originally developed for the oil industry these tanks are a cost mobile and cost effective solution for holding a variety of liquids for the short term at very high volumes. The original use for these temporary containment tanks was to hold the brine derived from fracking operations until it could be disposed of. Depending upon the liners material you chose you can store potable water, irrigation water, wastewater and a variety of other liquids.

Our tanks are offered in 12 different models ranging from 630,000 gallons to 2,150,000 gallons with a maximum ring (wall panel) height of 4 rings (about 16 feet). For those in the oil and gas business that translates into between 15,000 barrels and 50,000 barrels, each barrel being equal to 42 gallons.

Specifically engineered for extended term temporary storage the wall panels on these tanks are secured with heavy duty stiffeners and wind rings to maintain their shape when not in use. This is important because inferior versions of these kinds of tanks are susceptible to wind shear.

Our tanks can be assembled and disassembled for easy transport, and always include liner clamps. Turn-around time on your order is very quick and because of the light weight and high tensile strength of our panels these tanks can be affordably shipped worldwide.