Tank Calculator

Tank Calculator from Steelcore Tank -Sometimes you want to work it out in your head before you get on the phone with a manufacturer, we understand that. Remember, we started as installers.

And, sometimes you know the area you have to work with and that area dictates the gallon capacity of your tank. You can use our tank calculator to get an estimate of the gallon capacity of a specific set of measurements or you can review several different sets of measurements applicable to the designated space to make your gallon value determination.

The Steel Core Tank Calculator gives you choices, it even lets you factor in freeboard. Simply input your height and width dimensions then hit “go”.

Once you have determined your options based on dimensions or gallon capacity then you can visit our TANKS BY GALLON or TANKS BY ROOF STYLE  pages to see the variety of tanks we have to fit your needs.

When you are ready call us at (844) 225-0881 any weekday from 8am to 5pm PST and we can discuss your options, or email us.