Roof Fabrication

Steel Core offers two roof styles, the “J-Rib” and the “V-Rib.” The “Rib” can be considered a vertical “tongue & groove,” allowing the roof panels to attach. The fabrication of each is the same save for the “bend” in the respective roof ribs, either “J” or “V.”

Again, much like our starting point when manufacturing “panels,” our roofing line begins with coils of steel placed on winders. They are then drawn into state-of-the-art CNC turret punches, which follow a computer-driven pattern ensuring uniformity of all holes (for bolts) punched into the steel. All holes, slots, or any penetration into the steel are consistently clean and uniform, guaranteeing they will line up in the field every time.


The steel used in roof panels is then cut into sections using a CNC Press Brake to achieve the desired length as there is variation in roof panel length depending upon tank diameter. These sheets are then run through proprietary machinery that both “splits” the panel in two at an appropriate degree angle and then “bends” both pieces (panels) into the desired rib formation be it our J-Rib or V-Rib.

All roof vents, roof caps, manways, ladders, and additional appurtenances are all fabricated in the same manner; on a piece by piece basis using experienced craftsmen and the finest machinery available.