Green Manufacturing

Manufacturing is a dirty job, and the processes involved can be wasteful and detrimental to the environment. After designing the finest tank, Steel Core set about to develop the most precise manufacturing in the industry, which you can review here. But, we not only wanted precision manufacturing we wanted “CLEAN” manufacturing, and we set in place a series of practices to achieve that.

Manufacturing with Recycled Steel:

We use Recycled Steel; this steel has the same or greater tensile strength and durability as steel that was milled from virgin ore.

At Steel Core we pride ourselves on working with US-Based Small Mills, many family owned, that produce steel with a minimum of 50% recycled product. Most of the time the recycled content of our steel is much higher, but we can guarantee that the steel used to create your tank has at least 50% recycled content.

By recycling steel we reduce:

  • Pollution from New Mining & Smelting-Processing
  • Pollution from Transcontinental Shipping via Ships – Rail – Trucks to move “new” steel globally
  • Steel Core keeps America working support a burgeoning Recycling Industry within the United States, and sourcing from USA –Based Mills.

At Source Recycling – Zero Waste:

When it comes to our Liners, the same holds true. There are a variety of industries that come to collect our off-cut fabrics to make various water-proof items. Nothing goes into the landfill, everything is used to the best of our ability.

Powdercoating Recycling and Air Filtration:

Chemicals used in the powder coating process need to be carefully managed and monitored. They are not intended to be put in landfills or go down drains. Our Powder Coating Facility truly is “State of the Art” in the way we apply, but also in the way we monitor scrub fumes and recycle powder coating chemicals.

Our various dedicated ventilation systems disbursed at contact points throughout our facility, ensure worker safety and compliment respiratory equipment worn by workers. In this way, we strive to control working and ambient contact with chemicals. We have a triple check system in place to make sure air filters on all our filtration equipment are changed at intervals exceeding manufacturer recommendations.

Our over-spray capture & recycling system ensures wastage is kept to a minimum and that a maximum amount of product is utilized in the powder coating process rather than lost over-spray. Thus keeping chemicals out of the air, landfills, and streams.

Centralized Distribution:

At Steel Core, we have developed a centralized distribution system whereby most shipments originate from a location as close as possible to the shipment destination. We strive to make sure we eliminate transcontinental shipping (West-East or East-West) with strategic manufacturing hubs. This practice keeps shipping cost down for our customers, but it also reduces diesel emission by reducing the distance between factory and customer. The shorter period of time a truck is on the road, the lesser emissions it can release.

Two-Way Logistics:

Many companies deliver a variety of goods to your location or job site and their trucks go back empty, sometimes over hundreds or thousands of miles. This leaves a huge carbon footprint but achieves nothing, wearing down highways and local roads for no reason other than getting a truck back to its original location. Diesel engines just running for hours, hauling nothing.

Our factory has its own fleet of trucks, and we make sure once our truck delivers your tank to you that we are picking up privately contracted dedicated cargo and hauling it to locations close to our factory. In this way we achieve three things:

  • We make sure the carbon footprint on the return trips our trucks make actually counts for something.
  • Steel Core brings down the cost of shipping to our customers but hauls back privately contracted cargo.
  • We keep the engines of commerce humming, ensuring goods other than our tanks are delivered while reducing pollution by only traveling with full truckloads.

That is the core of Steel Core’s – Corporate Social Responsibility practices. We are always looking for new ways to improve the “sustainable” aspect of our manufacturing and the “green” principles” of our business as a whole. We welcome your suggestions.