Fasteners & Accessories

For years the industry standard was Stainless Steel Bolts, and while the idea of “Stainless Steel is, in theory, a good one there is one problem:

Stainless Steel and Galvanized Steel are incompatible metals and incompatible metals cause corrosion. The washers were also Stainless Steel compounding the problem.

Additionally, the bolt heads were “half-sloted” and that made fitting the driver into the slot problematic sometimes causing slipping and driver bits gouging hands.

We use 1.5 inch Grade-8 Galvanized Bolts with Cone Washers to grab and snug against any hole. We also use Grade-8 Galvanized Serrated Nuts for greater grab upon the G115 Steel Panels. All our bolt heads utilize “Allen” Drivers for greater grab & safety.

Additional Equipment

Steel Core also offers a complete line of :

Doors, Ladders, Ladder Safety Cages, Locking Ladder Doors, Eave and Mid-Roof Walk-Around Platforms, Roof Platforms, Roof Stairs, Wrap-Around Stairs, and Catwalks to satisfy all your needs.