Water Storage Tank Manufacturing

It All Starts With Steel

The industry standard is G90 Corrugated Steel, but at Steel Core we have raised the bar making G115 standard on all our tanks, with the ability to offer G140 upon request. Our steel is sourced from US Mills and has a minimum recycled content of 50%. We believe in sustainable sourcing without sacrificing strength or quality.

Our corrugated side-walls, or “rings” vary between 8 – 20 gauge galvanized steel with a tensile strength of up to 70 ksi (448 mpa)

Our corrugated side-walls have a standard G115 (350g/m2) galvanized coating that provide 27% more corrosion resistance than the G90 (275g/m2)industry standard.

Our unique corrugation has a hill and valley bolting system utilizing grade-8 allen head bolts with serrated nuts. This gives Steel Core Tanks additional strength to handle larger loads

Our “V-Rib” roof design uses 30% more roof ribs than any other manufacturer, providing unparalleled strength for smaller tanks without reinforced roof systems using a 2.5 inch rib depth for tanks under 37 feet in diameter. For tanks over 37 feet in diameter we use our “V-Rib” with a 4” rib depth or reinforced J-Ribs.

Our “J-Rib” roof design are panels manufactured with high quality galvanized steel with a 2.5 interlocking “J” channel that snaps easily into place reducing construction time. This style is ideal for tanks under 37 feet in diameter. Structured rafter systems are utilized with the J-Rib Roof on diameters of 55 feet and over.