Fire Protection Tanks

Exclusive Pricing For Fire Protection Tanks

A SteelCore fire protection tank is the premier fire suppression solution in the industry. A tank manufactured by SteelCore is the proper choice to meet high fire code restrictions around the country and provide years of reliability to any home or business. With tank sizes from 700 gallons to over 6-million gallons, we can provide peace of mind for the homeowner, the largest farm or winery operation. In addition, our engineers and installation crews can adapt any tank to meet local building codes and fire restrictions with installations throughout the United States.

A quality water storage tank that will protect our customer’s homes, family and property is the reason that we devote so much of our annual budget and resources to research and development to always stay on the cutting edge of innovation in the tank industry. Our technicians and production staff are committed to ensuring that every tank we install meets our strict standards of quality and craftsmanship, which far surpass the industry standards.

Fire Protection Tanks
Firefighter Fire Protection and Suppression Tanks

Why Do I Need a Fire Suppression Tank?

From California to Texas, Utah to Washington, and coast to coast, we see images of brave and dedicated firefighters facing off with wildfires, some set by accident, some started by carelessness, and others initiated by lightning strikes. Regardless of the cause, these out-of-control fires scorch any and everything in their path. The most precious commodity that the fire departments need is unrestricted access to WATER in such a setting. The SteelCore fire prevention tanks are a welcome sight for the brave men and women charged with putting the fires out using any means at their disposal.

Why SteelCore is the #1 Manufacturer of Fire Tanks?

Whether you are a homeowner protecting family and home or facilities manager of a large industrial complex, it is essential to ensure you have sufficient water resources available on demand. However, the reality that all tanks are not equal becomes painfully evident when comparing our top-of-the-line tank and competitors. Many of that marketing water storage have entered the market without the experience or knowledge necessary to install a tank that weathers wind, snow, seismic concerns, soil stability, etc.

Many cities across the country and most cities in California have mandates related to water storage with the expectation that homeowners and business owners will take a more active role in preserving water resources. The installation of a qualified tank installed to city, county, and state code to obtain a new business license. Our tanks protect lives and property, and frequently we visit properties to give fire protection – risk mitigation assessments.

Our lengthy history in the water tank business, our commitment to manufacturing excellence, uncompromising craftmanship with every installation, and engineering excellence indeed make SteelCore Tank the best choice for any of your fire protection tank needs. We look forward to hearing from you.

NFPA 22 Compliant and NSF 61 Approved Liner

Our Liner is NFPA 22 Equivalent and NSF 61 Approved

In any steel bolted tank installation separating the water supply from the exterior steel framework is essential. The SCT liner is a custom-designed liner between 30-60 ml in thickness and protected by a geotextile fabric that hangs from walls and flooring to protect the liner. This double-layered approach is unique in the industry. Further, it separates us from all our competitors that some don’t even use a liner system, arguing the water on steel is not a problem which couldn’t be further from the truth.

SteelCore Tanks Meet or Exceed All Standards

NFPA 22 & NSF-61 Equivalent – Each fire protection tank installation is designed and engineered to meet and exceed any state or local building codes. Every water storage tank project, whether commercial or residential, is built on-site and planned to solve all geographic issues that may arise. Our tanks are NFPA 22 & NSF-61 equivalent, and each one includes an Anti-Vortex Assembly. Floor and wall penetrations are available, and cement or gravel slabs are engineered for your location. Additionally, by working together, we can make sure that your tank has the exact kind of fittings your local fire provider prefers when coming to the property and hooking up to a water source.

Water Engineers & Architects, and Partners are some of our most passionate referring partners as we bend over backward to ensure that every project plan has the required specifics to build into the design or blueprints. Our extensive database of architects and engineers continues to grow as we provide these busy professionals with the technical specs and all required schematics to include in their client projects. If you are a water professional or landscape architect, we can assist you with anything you need and fast.

Architect man or male engineer work on digital tablet with blue print and laptop computer on the desk at office.
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Water Storage Tanks for Residential and Commercial Applications

Water storage is the responsibility of all to ensure we have sufficient water resources available for our families’ personal needs, drinking water, and if the need arises for fire protection. We have been inundated with images of wildfires raging throughout California, Oregon, and Washington the last few years. In other areas of the country, tornadoes, hurricanes, drought, and earthquakes are the issue. SteelCore Tank builds steel water storage tanks as small as 700 gallons for residential water needs up to 6-million gallons for industrial water needs.

SteelCore Fire Protection Tank Success Stories

Overlooking beautiful MALIBU IN California is a trio of tanks that have become a landmark in the area. These corrugated bolted steel tanks provide fire protection resources and the peace of mind that the owner is prepared for whatever nature has in store. These tanks are built and installed to provide years of service