SteelCore Tank Sales Soar 300% During Pandemic

Wildfires, Climate Change, Consumer Trends and Preparedness All Contributed

Sacramento, California, Release: November 23, 2021. For Immediate Release

SteelCore Tank announced a 300% increase in top-line sales during the 2021 pandemic impacted fiscal period. This increase fueled by wildfires, climate change affecting rainfall, homeowners with insufficient water storage for their families, and government mandates contributed to the significant increase in sales and installation.

Nicole Oblad, CEO of SteelCore Tank, stated: “Our entire customer service, sales, and engineering departments worked remotely and tirelessly to satisfy the demand from more than 30-U.S. States, Canada, and Latin America. Our tank production facilities and fabrication teams adjusted scheduling and tank build processes to triple the expected output to meet demand. In addition, all CDC guidelines and COVID protocols have been the norm.

Necessity is the mother of invention. Our Research and Development teams certainly proved this statement correct as they created enhancements to our already #1 rated Corrugated Bolted Steel Tank lines. We refer to these additions as SteelCore Strong, setting the storage tank industry standard of quality and craftsmanship. These innovations are included with every tank installation beginning in Q4.

SteelCore Tank has the best trained and most experienced broker network of any tank manufacturer globally. The quality of our tank lines, the integrity of the engineering and installation, and the explosion of new customers worldwide have brought numerous professional water storage specialists to SteelCore from our competitors.

About Steel Core Tank LLC:

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