SteelCoreTank Announces Additional Shifts to Meet Demand for Fire Protection Tanks

Sacramento, California, Release: September 10, 2020. For Immediate Release

Water Tank Storage Manufacturer SteelCore Tank based in Sacramento, California announced today that they and their suppliers are hiring additional skilled craftsmen to fill critical roles on the production line for the manufacturing of corrugated steel panels used in the creation of water storage tanks. These tanks are designed and manufactured for applications requiring as low as 700-gallons to large industrial applications requiring as much as 3-million gallons.

SteelCoreTank Announces Additional Shifts

In California and the surrounding States, the numbers and severity of wildfires each summer has created an urgent need for many to prepare better and have on hand the most valuable commodity available, WATER. These wildfires which have plagued so many these past 4-years appear to be the new normal now and preparations need to be made. These fires are caused by a variety of reasons including as we have seen recently in the San Francisco Bay area, lightning strikes.

SteelCore Tank through its International Broker Network has projects needing to be installed around the world. Global warming is taking its toll on every community and they are responding by ensuring that they have their own fire suppression tanks filled with precious water to use in emergencies as well as to have on hand in the remote possibility that a wildfire threatens buildings and facilities.

NSF61 and NFPA 22 approved liners that go into our water storage installations ensure that the water stored as potable drinking water or for fire suppression never touches the steel exterior of the tank. Our bolted steel corrugated tanks are one of the best values in the industry which is one of the factors driving the unprecedented demand we are experiencing in California, Utah, and Oregon as well as in other parts of the world.

Nicole Oblad, Senior Partner of SteelCore Tank stated that “this demand-driven expansion will position us as one of the leading manufactures in the world and provide us with the capacity to meet any increased demand we see from our clients and those being referred to us for years to come.”

About Steel Core Tank LLC:

Based in Sacramento, California, we are not only one of the most experienced tank manufacturers in the country; we also offer the largest variety of liners and tank accessories in the industry. We sell our quality tank through a worldwide dedicated dealer network that is well trained and represent our uncompromising commitment to quality at each and every stage of the order from design to installation and final quality control. More information can be found on our website located at

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