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SteelCore Tank Is Pleased To Feature Our Authorized Dealer In Chile - TecMill

About Tecmill Construcciones

We have extensive experience of more than twenty-four years in the field of agroindustry, which includes imports of machinery and the development of engineering, construction and assembly projects for silos, ponds and agroindustrial infrastructure.

Our experience in the development of facilities, production lines and control, allows us to guide our Clients from the first stages of evaluation to the execution of the project, offering supplies, engineering, assembly, construction and maintenance.

We carry out engineering studies and standardization work, to update and comply with the regulations according to the highest industry standards.

We develop efficient and sustainable projects for important companies in the agro-industrial sector, applying state-of-the-art technology and rigorous quality standards and guaranteeing their operation through post-sale service and preventive maintenance and the innovative virtual technical inspection system (virtual ITO).