SteelCore Tanks Include Complete Engineering Reports

By Chief Structural Engineer, Nathan Wulf.

We do not adhere to the ‘flat sheet’ design aspect of the AWWA standard, but we do design the tank sidewall sheet thicknesses per the requirements of AWWA per sections 5.4 and 5.5, as well as seismic requirements as defined in All seismic loads are calculated per the requirements of chapter 14, including freeboard requirements.

Wind loads and requirements are determined by chapter 15 of AWWA, and we also utilize ASCE 7-16, chapter 29, which reflects much of the AWWA standard. The sidewall sheet design is based on a combination of AISI for bolted joint connections as well as the requirements set forth by AWWA chapter 5.

Every SteelCore Tank Installation Includes

Professional Engineer Certification
Tank Details
Tank Design Criteria
Roof Design Criteria
Roof Structure for No Loads
Roof Structure For Live Roof Load
Roof Structure for Wind Load
Roof Design - Specs
Roof Design - Diagrams
Roof Design - Detail Report
Roof Resign - AISI S100-16: ASD Code Check
Roof Design - Material Properties
Wind Design
Seismic Loads
Seismic Design - Bolt bearing Strength
Freeboard Requirements and calculation
Side Wall Sheet Calculations
Side Wall Sheet Information

Technical design references:

AWWAD103 19, NFPA22, EU, ASCE7 16

Standards relevant to this product:

AWWAD103 19, NFPA22, EU, ASCE7 16

Design references: AWWAD103

references: AWWAD103 19, NFPA22, EU, ASCE7 10, OSHA