SteelCore Tank Roof Design

2:12 Pitch most common Flat Panel, Clear Span, Raftered Sealant & Gaskets


J Rib: Structured/Raftered Roof Systems
V Rib: Self Supporting Roof Systems
Sealed and Bolted
Flat & Open Top
10 degree and
30 degree Pitch

10 Degree & 30 Degree Flat & Open V Rib Roof



The steel used in roof panels is then cut into sections using CNC Press Brake to achieve the desired length as there is variation in roof panel length depending upon tank diameter. These sheets are then run through proprietary machinery that both “splits” the panel in two at an appropriate degree anfle and then “bends” both pieces (panels) into the desired rib formation be it our J-Rib or V-Rib.

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