SteelCore Tank Life Expectancy

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SteelCore Tank Life Expectancy – One question you may have about Corrugated Steel tanks is what the life expectancy of these tanks is.

On average the life expectancy is 30 to 35 years on Steel Core Tanks. We provide up to a 20-year warranty on corrugated steel tanks. The warranty covers the defects in the manufacturing of the tank.

Corrugated steel tanks are versatile and can be used for many industries and home uses. Corrugated steel tanks are the best choice for storing drinking water, irrigation water, rainwater harvesting, and more. Other uses include:

There are other uses as well that we did not list. As you can see corrugated steel tanks are tremendously versatile.

However, the real question you should have is what is the cost of replacement when the tank has reached the end of its lifespan?

When the time comes to replace a corrugated steel tank the cost is less than an epoxy coated tank.

For replacement, the cost is half for a corrugated steel tank compared to an epoxy coated tank.

As an example: a corrugated tank cost for a replacement for a 200,000 Gallon Complete tank installed is $150,000.00. The liner is only $7000-$18000 depending on liner type.

The epoxy coated tank replacement cost for a 200,000 Gallon Complete tank installed is $200,000.00. Sandblast & Recoat $60,000.00 depending on liner type.

The appurtenances will normally last 20 to 25 years on either type of tank.

It only makes sense when you purchase a tank that you choose the one with the longest life span. In the end it saves you money. It will cost you less in replacement with a versatile corrugated steel tank.