Why Fire Protection Tanks Are More Important Than Ever

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We certainly live in very trying times, and it’s important to be aware of how COVID-19 will affect all aspects of our lives. Most are probably currently infected by shelter-in-place orders and halted business operations. With worries about employment, bills, and COVID itself it can be easy to forget about other potential disasters. However, wildfires are a very real danger for many areas in the U.S., and there are increased risks due to the pressure COVID is placing on many emergency services. If you own a business or home in states at risk of wildfires now is the time to consider a fire protection tank for your home or business. We’ll go over some key developments of how COVID-19 affects firefighting services, demonstrate how fire protection tanks can help firefighters and families with fighting fires, and then tell you all about the types of fire protection tanks we offer.

How COVID-19 is Affecting Firefighting

According to CNBC, firefighting services across the United States have been severely hampered by COVID-19. Many firefighters are ill and/or quarantined, leaving many stations undermanned and spread thin. Emergency services are also strained, meaning response times may be slower. Unfortunately, the nature of firefighting makes it much easier for the virus to spread. These firefighters will often live in cramped campgrounds working in close proximity with others who potentially have the virus. If an outbreak happens within one of these camps, the results could prove disastrous.

In states like California and Washington, the usual wildfire prevention methods are likely to not be nearly as comprehensive due to a lack of available workers. A dry winter means that many northern states could see wildfires as early as mid-May. There is a lot of worry that states may not be well equipped to deal with wildfires. Add to the fact that many people are hunkered down at home the thought of becoming victim to a fire with strained city services can be terrifying. But don’t worry, this is where our water tanks come in.

Fire Protection Tanks

Fire protection tanks can be very useful for those living in rural areas (or areas with overwhelmed firefighting services). These tanks not only help firefighters when they arrive, they also can help operate an independent firefighting system (like sprinklers installed within buildings). These tanks can be especially important in areas without access to municipal services, but because of current conditions they may be necessary in case of unresponsive firefighting services.

While these tanks usually hold water, they can also hold flammable liquids to prevent the contents from catching on fire and creating an even stronger flame and adding to the disastrous effects of a fire. Our weather-proof tanks also make sure that the contents (water or flammable liquids) will not leak due to adverse storms or winds.

Why Fire Protection Tanks Are Important

A wildfire or accidental fire can have very disastrous consequences on your property, business operations, and even your or other’s lives. Having a fire protection tank can help supply sprinkler systems and other firefighting methods without needing actual firefighters. Even if you do require help putting out the fires, it is much easier for firefighters to hook up to a tank than trying to find a fire hydrant or other water source. In some cases these tanks can also reduce the load on municipal services, as helicopters carrying water to fight fires can often refill using some of these tanks removing the need to land and waste precious time.

Why Choose Us?

So we know that you need to consider a fire protection tank, but why choose ours? We offer a lot of benefits that make things much easier for you:

Risk Mitigation Assessments- We provide risk assessments to our clients before even installing a tank, so we can ensure that we can provide a tank that is safest and works best with their specific needs. We work with the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection to stay up to date on any developments and state of the art firefighting techniques. We frequently speak at conferences and seminars regarding fire prevention and mitigation. When you work with use you can rest easy that you are taken care of by experts who know what they are doing.

Sturdy Tanks- Our corrugated bolted steel tanks have the following features that give you the best bang for your buck:

  • Built to be NFPA 22 & NSF-61 compliant and comply with any local laws or regulations that may apply to your area.
  • All of our tanks have an Anti-Vortex Assembly which limits the velocity of fluids in the system and prevents any damage to the tank when used by local fire services.
  • Corrugated steel is flexible enough that the tank will be resistant to high winds or seismic activity (especially important if you live in certain parts of California).
  • Our tanks are structurally sound and require much less maintenance than regular poly tanks, saving you time and money on tank upkeep.
  • Tanks can be customized to be certain sizes and/or have specific features to meet your personalized needs.
  • Our tank materials protect from corrosion and algae buildup, so you can be sure the water will stay clean and usable for as long as you need it.

Flexible Installation- We install our tanks anywhere, so don’t fret if you live “off the grid” or have any other installation obstacles. Our trained technicians know how to get around any possible problems and can ensure a smooth and effective installation no matter where you are. We can even work with you and your local fire stations to ensure the fittings of your tank are the ones preferred by the stations.

We know that the current situation is scary, and you have too much to worry about without stressing over what to do in case of a fire. Let us help ease some of the apprehension as we help you assess your risks and needs to give you the best tank to meet your needs. If you have any questions or pricing quotes feel free to contact us or browse our offerings.