Top 10 Reasons To Buy Bolted Steel Water Tanks

Top 10 Reasons to Buy Bolted Steel Water Tanks covers the reason why a corrugated bolted steel tank is the preferred choice for storing potable water, as a fire protection tank, storage of wastewater, capturing rainwater or stormwater, mining, and fracking, and obviously as the tank of choice for the agriculture and irrigation industry.

Here are the top 10 reasons that smart money stays with steel bolted tanks

  1. Outstanding warranty – up to 30 years conditional prorated warranty on all tanks
  2. Price – significant cost savings upfront and over the life span of your tank.
  3. Adaptable – used in industries from fire protection to industrial to food production, potable water storage, and more!
  4. Versatile – aesthetically pleasing and used in industries from architectural features for rain and storm water retention to industrial applications for Frac and produced water. Permanent and temporary, Easy to disassemble and reassemble
  5. Flexible membrane liner systems are outstanding protection for your tank, long-lasting, and Independent of the coating system. Inexpensive to maintain with up to 20 times thicker lining than the standard 5 mils of thermoset powder coating provided by standard flat panel bolted steel tanks.
  6. Coating – heavy hot dip and cold rolled zinc galvanized protection on all steel surfaces protects the steel from pre-corrosion.
  7. Sizing – capacities up to 3 million gallons. Numerous roofing options from open-top to flat to 10 and 30 degrees.
  8. Durability – engineered to ASCE 7 and installed by factory-certified installers
  9. Made in America – and proud of it
  10. Reliability – proven to last and manufactured to code.

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