Steelcore Makes the Finest Fire Protection Tanks in the Industry

Fire Protection Tank

SteelCore Tank Makes the Finest Fire Protection Tanks in the Industry – If you have a home or business in a rural area with less access to emergency services, a wildfire can be a very scary proposition. With the current COVID situation and firefighting services having a much harder time responding to fires and other emergencies, having a solid fire protection plan is imperative for you and your home or business and, more importantly, access to water. One of the great ways you can prepare for a fire is by having a fire protection tank for peace of mind. We’ll go over why a fire protection tank is so important and why our fire protection tanks stand above our competitors.

How Can a Fire Protection Tank Help Me?

Fire protection tanks are water tanks that can provide a stable water supply for fire suppression purposes. Below are a few examples of how a fire protection tank can come in handy in the case of a fire:

  • Fire protection tanks can be hooked up to a sprinkler system, which can put out or at least slow fires until emergency services arrive.
  • Once firefighters do arrive, they will need a water source to hook up to. If you are outside of the city, you may not have access to the municipal water supply, so a fire protection tank gives firefighters something to hook their hoses up to in order to put out the fire as quickly as possible.
  • In the case of a forest fire, emergency services may need to drop water from a helicopter in order to contain the fire. A fire protection tank gives them an easy and quick option for refills to reduce the time they spend refilling and help them get back into action. A forest fire that gets out of control can easily come onto and damage your land, so being able to help local firefighters in this way can keep you and your property safe.
  • If you have lived through some of the most devastating wildfires we have experienced here in California, you know there is very little that can be done for a fire that is raging and being fueled by Santa Anna winds. A large water storage tank could, however give you the peace of mind that if in case there is another disaster expected you are much better prepared and our amazing firefighters will also have something to work with.

Why Are Our Fire Protection Tanks The Right Choice?

So what can we offer that our competitors can’t? Below is a few examples of what the “core” difference can get you:

  • Our corrugated bolted steel tanks are some of the best fire protection tanks money can buy. Our tanks are built to be NFPA 22 & NSF-61 compliant and will meet any local regulations and guidelines. Our tanks also come equipped with an anti-vortex assembly (which is often required if the tank is to be used as a fire suppression source). These tanks are built from high quality bolted steel that can survive even the most extreme weather conditions and ensure that your emergency water supply is kept safe during earthquakes, flooding, or hurricanes.
  • Our bolted steel tanks require less maintenance than poly tanks offered by other companies. This saves you time, money, and peace of mind when you don’t have to constantly worry about paying for and keeping track of rigorous maintenance schedules.
  • We offer flexible installation that can’t be matched. Live “off the grid”? We can come to you. Have no clue how you can install a tank with quirks and obstacles in your land? Our trained technicians have seen it all and can guarantee a smooth and effective installation no matter where you are. We can even work with you and your local fire stations to ensure the fittings of your tank are the ones preferred by the stations.

If you have any questions or want a risk assessment of your land, feel free to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.