SteelCore® Flat Roof Tank Designs

SteelCore Flat Roof Tank Designs – There are times where the installation of a quality steel bolted tank comes with a few complexities. Whether the issue is limited space in the preferred location, height restrictions or the need for a low profile to ensure unrestricted views or the need for maximum useable gallons in a tight area, the perfect solution is a SteelCore flat roof tank. Made with the same attention to detail and quality as our entire line of steel tanks, this tank is the standard in the industry for unique and quality results.

With warranties that are some of the best in the industry a bolted steel tank become the obvious choice for any application including fire protection, potable water, irrigation and agriculture, wastewater storage or even rain harvesting. Our manufacturing processes are the best in the industry all the way from our corrugated panels and roof fabrication down to bolts, fasteners, and accessories.

If you have a need for a storage tank for water or any other approved liquid and you don’t want to block your view, reach out to us for options and our engineering staff will give you lots of alternatives to consider.

Tank Designs