SteelCore® Corrugated Bolted Steel Flat Roof Tanks

Steel Flat Roof Tanks – STEELCORE® Corrugated Bolted Steel Flat Roof Tanks are the perfect solution for projects where space allocation and utilization of every inch matter. Our flat roof tanks are the ideal solution to maximize capacity while minimizing the space needed for an efficient and well-engineered installation. These tanks depending on the geography and required size are the perfect solution for  Wastewater projects, added security and peace of mind for Fire Protection installations, Agricultural and irrigation needs, and More. Visit us online or give us a call. We would love to hear about your next project! Tight spaces? Visual impacts? Let us assist your designers, architects, and engineers with the perfect water storage tank system for your project!

About SteelCore – Based in Sacramento, California, we are not only one of the largest and most experienced tank manufacturers in the country; we also offer the largest variety of liners and tank accessories in the industry. We sell our quality tanks through a worldwide dedicated dealer network that is well trained and represent our uncompromising commitment to quality at each and every stage of the order from design to installation and final quality control.