SteelCore® 4305-LVR 191,000 gallons Corrugated Bolted Steel tank

191,000 Gallon Bolted Steel Tank in CA – We are pleased to showcase another of our quality bolted steel tanks continuing to dot the California landscape. This 191,000-gallon SteelCore® tank model 4305-LVR, corrugated bolted steel tank was installed in Northern California as a mixed-use tank. These versatile and quality built SteelCore® tanks come in many sizes and are used by various industries for fire protection, irrigation, potable water, wastewater, frac water, rain harvesting and so much more!

SteelCore® tanks come standard with G115 Galvanized walls and G140 Galvanized roofs. We can also add additional Powder Coating for added protection and durability. We offer 24″ and 36″ side shell manways as well as nozzles and specialty flanges. Longevity and reliability are key when purchasing a tank. SteelCore® tanks are built to last with manufacturer warranties up to 20-years. (Terms and conditions apply) These amazing tanks are engineered one at a time and are one of a kind. Contact us at 888-672-6995.