SteelCore Tanks Up To 2.9 Million Gallons or 70K BBL

Did you know that USA Made, SteelCore® Corrugated Bolted steel tanks can be manufactured up to 2,950,000 gallons or 70.2K BBL and come with up to a 20-year warranty? The use of flexible membrane NSF61 liners protects the steel and elongates the lifespan of the tank. More cost-effective than most steel tanks installed today and is manufactured in diameters up to 192′.

This tank was installed in Napa CA for Fire Protection and Domestic Water, seismically anchored and designed for Risk Cat IV and up to 180 MPH winds. Versatile and strong. We design, manufacture, and install. SteelCore’s worldwide Network of Partners tirelessly works to supply you with cost-effective material pricing and installations. Contact us today if you are interested in becoming an SCT Network Partner. (844) 732-4411 or Click Here to email us.