Steel Bolted Tanks Factory Coated in any Color

Steel Bolted Tanks
(A thing of beauty)

SteelCore Tank has had an amazing year, quite surprising with all of the turmoil and uncertainty that has defined the year 2020. Our sales and installation teams have worked overtime to meet the urgent demand of our clients across the country. As a company, we have taken great care to initiate CDC standards and processes not only in our shop and production facilities but most importantly on-site installing a tank on location. Installers and engineers all wear masks, follow distancing guidelines and adhere to strict health codes both on and off-site, fortunately, these extreme measures have kept all of our staff healthy without anyone testing positive.

Here is one of our latest bolted steel tank installations with some customization requested by the client. This factory powder-coated bolted steel tank completed in the past 60-days will provide the client the peace of mind that comes from having over 100,000 gallons of fire protection and irrigation water available if needed. This tank has a 20-year manufacturer’s warranty and has been powder coated to the customer’s preference (to match the other buildings in the area).

We have hundreds of colors to choose from so any owner that is concerned about aesthetics and having their new tank fit right to the existing surroundings. Fire protection to potable water, irrigation, stormwater retention, and wastewater applications. Seismically anchored and designed for High winds as required by ASCE Structural codes. In seismic areas, you must have heavy-duty seismic anchors on engineered foundations designed for the highest seismic, overturning ratios, and uplift. SteelCore Tanks have no problem with seismic sensitive installs, snow loads, or freezing conditions. Insulation packages are also available as well as immersion heaters and pitched roofs for snow loads of up to 100 psf. Low cost and long warranty incredible options and sizes up to 3,000,000 gallons. Please contact our tank experts to discuss your next project.

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