Powder Coated Bolted Steel Tank

SteelCore Tank, headquartered in Northern California, is rapidly becoming the premier bolt steel tank manufacturer in the United States. With installations in every state, overseas, and Canada, we are changing how water is managed and stored in almost every industry, including mining, fracking, fire protection, and potable water. Our “Best In Class” steel bolted tanks provide water districts, municipalities, cities, and states throughout the U.S. with lower-cost options for all their water storage needs.

This project was just completed and includes an extended 20-year warranty, powder coating to color the tank exterior to the exact preference of the client, numerous safety features, and a seismic package due to high winds at the tank installation.

SteelCore Tank is ultra-sensitive to the client’s needs. It can make cost-cutting recommendations or compliance requirements based on years of engineering experience and meet any regulatory compliance additions. From fire protection to potable water to irrigation, stormwater retention, and wastewater applications, we have the perfect solution to even the most challenging water storage needs. Our tanks are Seismically anchored and designed for High winds as required by ASCE Structural codes. Heavy-duty seismic anchors must be on engineered foundations designed for the highest seismic, overturning ratios, and uplift in seismic areas. SteelCore Tanks have no problem with seismic, snow loads, or freezing conditions. Insulation packages are available, as well as immersion heaters and pitched roofs for snow loads of up to 100 psf. Low cost and extended warranty, incredible options and sizes up to 3,000,000 gallons. Don’t hesitate to contact our tank experts to discuss your next project.