How Do You Protect Your Tank?

How Do You Protect Your Tank? Let’s take a moment to discuss the reality that all Steel Tanks need coating systems to protect them from corrosion! Steel and Water don’t mix without protection! So how do you protect your tank? Each SteelCore® tank has three levels of protection against corrosion.

Barrier #1: Zinc Galvanization to protect the steel from moisture and pre-corrosion.

Barrier #2: Geotextile Pre-lining to protect the liner from the wall and in keeping condensate away from the steel panels.

Barrier #3: Heavy flexible membrane coating/lining-up to 60 mils thick. SteelCore® Tanks are innovative and can meet most applications and capacities.

One of our most recent tank installations includes fire protection, RO water and irrigation water for this commercial business. SteelCore® Corrugated Factory Coated Bolted Steel Tanks. Contact us for your next project.