7 Reasons You Should Own a Rainwater Collecting System

Are you thinking of ways to cut back on some expenses?

You’re not alone. Many other businesses are considering reducing overhead expenses by installing alternative energy methods such as solar, LED lighting, Smart thermostats, unique windows, and controlled access on all exterior entryways. One method that is catching on quickly is the process of rainwater harvesting. This article deals with the compelling reasons why every business should do its part to save water and simultaneously reduce overhead expenses.

So, if you want to change your business, invest in a rainwater collection system instead. Read what we have below to find out why a rainwater harvesting system is better.

1. It is a More Cost-Effective Alternative

Investing in a water collection system often saves you more in the long run. This is because you no longer depend on the main water line. You will start to notice after a few months that your water bills will decrease after establishing your collection system.

Simple things like flushing your toilets using rainwater can cut your dependence on the main water line by a significant amount.

These also cost less than your traditional alternatives for saving energy. A rain collection system costs a few thousand dollars for the most miniature storage tanks. These often hold around 1000 gallons of water, enough to last a small business for a month.

Costs also depend on what material you build your storage and structure. The traditional choice for most structures is fiberglass. This goes the same for their storage tanks.

You can consider spending more to opt for a steel alternative. These may add an extra few hundred dollars to the catching structure. Meanwhile, the storage tanks can cost you an average of $4 more per gallon.

While it’s true you have to secure a permit in some states before you can get a collection system, these tend to only cost an average of $200, depending on where you live. This is a small price to save yourself from spending thousands of dollars in the future.

2. It Ensures You Have a Constant Supply of Water

Even in today’s modern age, some cities in certain states and rural areas still don’t have a constant water supply. This makes collecting rainwater essential if you’re based in one of these areas. Meeting your company’s needs will become more accessible with a water-containing structure.

The most miniature water storage tanks tend to hold at least 700 gallons. This can sustain a small business of 500 workers for up to 2 weeks.

Most small businesses make use of large water collectors most of the time. These tend to be tanks that hold thousands of gallons. An excellent rainy day can cover your business’s supply for half a year.

Opting for corrugated steel storage tanks can extend the lifespan of your supplies. Compared to their plastic or concrete counterparts, these tanks offer durability, longevity, and more than five benefits. Additionally, corrugated steel tanks are more effective at maintaining water quality over time.

3. It’s Becoming a Government Standard to Have a Rainwater Collection System

Many state and local governments are considering various changes that would encourage new buildings and businesses to include some level of the rainwater collection system. Besides the water conservation wisdom of a rainwater collection system, it makes good business sense in any area that has experienced wildfire devastation.

4. It is Better for the Environment

Most people think rainwater is good for the environment. This is true to an extent. Rainwater does help the environment flourish, but too much of it at once makes the ground less stable.

A rainwater collector helps you control how much water enters the ground and streams. This gives the soil more time to reharden after a rainy day. Doing this puts your business in a safer position, ensuring the ground you’re on doesn’t erode.

Also, this helps control the amount of water the local flora and trees get. This prevents them from drowning in too much water. Also, having healthy vegetation makes your business area more attractive, allowing for more potential customers

5. Helps You Stay Prepared for Certain Hazards

Hazard prevention requires larger and sturdier water tanks. So, investing in some large steel tanks to store all that rainwater is wise. It would help if you kept a lot of water to have a surplus ready to combat disasters.

6. Allows You to Survive Through Drought

Drought is a severe problem. Cities with dense populations often experience a shortage of water when summer rolls along. Some states experience this all the time, which is why it’s important to make every drop count.

A water catchment system will help with this. A well-designed system can make the most of the little rainfall that comes. This will ensure your business never runs out of water when drought hits your area.

7. Rainwater Makes for a Good Drinking Water Substitute

You can save even more money by providing potable water for your building. You can do this by setting up a filtration system within your collection system.

This will convert rainwater into drinking water before it leaves the pipes and into your cup. You can be sure that it is as safe as purified drinking water.

You should also consider opting for a steel tank if you plan on making rainwater drinkable. This is because steel tanks don’t corrode like how concrete ones do. This prevents the contamination of the collected rainwater.

Harvest Your Rainwater Today

A rainwater collection system is the best way to provide for your building. Get started on building your system now!

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