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SteelCore Tank, LLC is the manufacturer of SteelCore® corrugated bolted steel liquid storage tanks primarily used for the storage of water. SteelCore® Tank water series tanks and accessories come with up to a 20 year warranty, the longest in the industry, backed by a team of certified installers around the country ready to provide a top notch installation service for your project site.

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Tank Features
Carbon Welded Steel Tanks
Factory Coated Bolted Steel Tanks
Corrugated Galvanized Bolted Steel Tanks
1000's of tank installations in the market
SteelCoreTank Manufacturing Primary Product Line
Designed to IBC and ASCE7 Structural codes for water storage
Site Specific Structural Calculations- Wet Stamped
Detailed Submittal Drawings- including As Built Drawings
Seismic Anchoring Designs
High Wind Designs
Exterior Color Available
Uses Field Applied Interior & Exterior Coatings
Uses Thermoset Interior & Exterior Powder Coatings
Uses Zinc Galvanized Steel - G115 & G140
Uses Mastic Sealants to seal panels to achieve water tight structure
Uses 30 mil - 60 mil Flexible Membrane Liners as Water Sealant
Water has direct constant contact with flexible membrane liner
Water has direct constant contact with tank coating
ASTM Bolts
Flanges - ANSI 150 #
Flange - Wall Penetrations
Flange - Floor Penetrations
Includes OSHA approved ladders, cages, appurtenances
Deck Manways - Lockable
Side Shell Manways - 24" & 36"
Roof Vent - 24" - 42"
Liquid Level Gauge Board &Target
Catwalks & Other Specialty Systems
Suction Flanges with Anti Vortex Plate- NFPA22
Partial & Full Guardrails Available
Capacities up to 2.9 Million Gallons
NFPA 22 equivalent - Fire Protection
Potable Water Storage - NSF61 Certified Coatings/Liners
Waste Water Storage
Insulation Systems - Interior
Insulation Systems - Exterior

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Fire Protection Tanks - Irrigation Tanks - Domestic Water Tanks - Rain Harvesting Tanks - Waste Water Tanks

Steel Floor Option! Self Anchoring Designs- Install on Gravel Foundation

Multiple Roof Styles FLAT ROOF, 10 DEGREE, 30 DEGREE

Powder Coating Options Fastest lead times in the industry

Shop Built Tank kits: Ready for Delivery

Water NEVER touches Steel! Flexible Membrane Liners: Potable Water NSF61, Waste Water, & Fire Protection NFPA-22

G115 Galvanized is SCT's Standard G140 Galvanized Steel Available Manufactured in our SCT Precision Factory

Spiral Stairs, Rest Platforms, Caged Ladders, Roof Ladders, Roof Catwalk, Gaurdrails and More

Structured and non Structured Roof's available for Winds up to 180 MPH and 60 PSF snow Loads

SCT Dealer Support & Lead Generation

  • SCT completely understands the need for reliable and consistent support and Site-Specific engineering packages
  • Your Reputation is valuable, SCT only provides the most innovative and proven products to support your industry
  • SCT only supplies quality products that fit your customer’s needs
  • SCT provides support and education to assist you in finding the perfect fit for your client
  • SCT provides Lead Generation -specific to your industry & territory
  • Open and Protected Territories are Available
  • Full Submittal Packages include: Structural Tank Calcs, Submittal Drawings
  • Foundation Designs are available with PE Wet Stamp available in all 50 States
  • IBC, UBC, ASCE7-10,  CBC2016, NFPA22 equivalent.
  • Up to 180 MPH winds, Risk Cat IV, High Seismic, 80 PSF Snow Load
  • Up to 20 Year Warranties
  • Up to 800,000 Gallons options from 6’D to 74’D
  • Up to 3,000,000 Gallons open top
  • Installation Training & Support
  • Special Pricing

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